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     Welcome to Viet Nam Furniture

Vietnamfurniture.net - Where providing furniture office professional. With a staff of professionals, from design staff, business staff to keep fit to improve the design of many diverse models, offering consumers the service perfect . That is the key to the success of GSC Furniture. Currently Furniture GSC has brought to the market more than 1000 design products with the main products: Office Chair rotation, advisory boards and wood industry, bulkhead office, box, computer desk, furniture , product families from steel pipe, school furniture, seats for the public, the silver and furniture made from natural wood. Company team design professional, trips deep research design models suitable to the needs of consumers. The process of product design is done entirely on computer with graphics programs such as 3D Studio Max, Corel, Photoshop, autocad ..... With a team of enthusiastic business and experienced and we are targeting to bring products to GSC with consumers across the nuoc.Hien this, we also open additional services online sales 24 / 24. With the motto "For there is, is to be" so you are not demur when calling us at any time whether you buy one or more products, the staff will be fit for every and fixed to the goods as requested by you

Featured products

CAT09K3A - Steel cabinet

10 days

CAT09K3A - Steel cabinet,High two parts: - The above are two wings open iron frame, glass, mobile phase 2, a key, each wing has a chromium plated handles - Ni. - The lower chamber has two key separate plated handles. Size: W1000 x D457 x H1830

CAT09K3G - Steel cabinet

10 days

High two parts: - Part 2 on the wings of glass sliding iron frame, sliding lock, plastic handles, 2 mobile phase. - The bottom has two chambers, wings open, separate course, round handles iron clad Cr - Ni . Size: W1000 x D457 x H1830

CAT09K3L - Steel cabinet

10 days

CAT09K3L - Steel cabinet,High two parts: Part-on: two glass wings open iron frame, 2 mobile phase. - Part 2 as a police, a separate key. - Next two adjacent main compartment with two drawers Size: W1000 x D457 x H1830

CAT09K4D -Steel cabinet

10 days

High cabinets are four different police open cavity, each cavity with a mobile phase, key and separate plastic handles . Size: W1000 x D500 x H1830

CAT118/4D - steel cabinet

10 days

Cabinet is low, 3 Cavums: Cavum two mobile seriess 1 four drawers, wingless mesocoel, is Luminal 3 ferric swings is open, 2 mobile seriess. . Size. 1185 x 407 x 880

CAT88G - steel cabinet

10 days

. Size

880 x 407 x 880

Low Cabinet, 2 Door diameter iron frame, sliding off, lock Thailand. Inside the cabinet there are two mobile phase

Meeting table CR1060H

10 days

Meeting table CR1060H (There are 3 color) Product Code: CR1060H - Front Desk Laminate Korean government senior fire resistant, scratch-resistant, waterproof. - Next to paste goals offer PVC. - Chan goal (Islamic + climate) pasted vinylsheet.

SG350- Director Chair

10 days

SG350H high back leather chair, leather chair back square, rectangular titles may decorating mix together. Hand seat 216, the bowl should have two features two adjustable and reclining the seat Size: W650 x D700 x H1130-1190

SG903- Director Chair

10 days

Leather seats for SG903, chair leather high-leg aluminum, titles may be decorative, hand 234, the bowl should have two features two adjustable and Russian Size: W680 x D720 x H1150-1210